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Everything we do at Tribe Solutions contributes towards creating value for our clients based on our 3 pillars: Community – Creativity – Logistics.

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About Us

At heart we are sports merchandising company, born out of triathlon, with a refreshing new take on a global business.

We sit above individual manufacturers and go beyond them to engage with the whole spectrum of merchandising solutions for our clients.

Current clients include International Triathlon Union, MetaSport, Triathlon Ireland and Kit Patron.

 How we help our clients

We help our clients build their own sense of community whilst increasing brand awareness and unlocking previously inaccessible revenue opportunities.

We provide them with new ways to acquire, engage and activate their sponsors. We then work with the sponsor to maximise activation.

We reduce their costs in terms of price and labour. We automate the majority of processes. In most cases our clients only need to approve designs and make introductions.

We provide a single source for all apparel and accessory needs with low minimums. There is no need for our clients to hold inventory.

Tribe Event Supplies

Born out of our merchandise business, we now provide a complimentary one-stop shop for all your event needs.

Whether it be elite and age grouper swim caps, volunteer t-shirts, participant race packs, finishers medals or gifts for executives, Tribe Event Supplies has you covered.

Join the Tribe and benefit from our aggregated pricing power, creative design, tried and tested quality, and laser-focused approach to logistics.

Tribe Solutions and the International Triathlon Union

We are proud to be the Official Licensing and Merchandising Partner to the International Triathlon Union (ITU).

We operate all aspects of the World Triathlon Official Store and take merchandise to ITU-sanctioned races across the planet.

In 2017 Tribe Solutions has collaborated with the ITU and the World Anti-Doping Agency to design and produce the new elite swim caps for all ITU Elite races. Look for our logo on the world’s greatest triathlon stars as they enter and exit the water.

Tribe Solutions and Champion System Canada

Champion System Canada recently came under the management of Tribe Solutions Inc.

Champion System are a large-scale producer of athletic kit and this partnership has furthered the capabilities of Tribe to streamline the process of getting high quality performance apparel directly to our clients.

Tribe Solutions and Kit Patron

Kit Patron is a social enterprise operated by Tribe Solutions offering the same quality service with a social payback to charitable causes.

Kit Patron partners with charities, non-profits and organisations to enhance their fundraising activities, increase awareness and elevate branding.

We give back 10%-30% of any purchase to a chosen cause.

To learn more visit our dedicated Kit Patron site.